COVID, the Christian Response

Here we are almost to November and there still the constant potential for people to be infected with the Corona Virus.  Surrounding the reality of the disease is the constant talk of conspiracy theories, political ploy, government intrusion and the like.  Which every person can certainly have an opinion, and most opinions change with the latest misinformation regarding the disease and how people are infected.  Granted it has been a wild ride since last March, one that I thought, and many others thought it would be diminished at this point.  The disease continues, adding to the tensions and anxieties of many.  It continues to affect the church and how we worship, how we do ministry and how we approach every day.  Wear a mask or not, shake hands or not, follow social distancing or not, believers have opinions both ways.  I want to encourage the congregation with a principle that Paul taught in Philippians 2:4:

“Everyone should look out for not only his own interests,

But also for the interests of others.”

Paul’s discussion is about humility in the believer.  The humble believer knows he has responsibility for what matters to himself but also knows that he is to be considerate of others and what is important to them.  This is the principle we as a church must exercise during this pandemic to demonstrate genuine love and humility to one another.  Doing so honors Jesus.

So you think the social distancing guidelines are foolishness, you certainly can think that but in humility you need set that aside and follow the guidelines anyway so that those who are tentative and uncertain are protected and shown loving humility whenever we gather together as believers.  My call to you as pastor is minimize contact over the next several weeks, wear face coverings in and out of the building and if you need to visit with someone maintain a safe distance and wear face coverings.  It is wise to continue to wash hands and use the sanitizer and above everything, if you are not feeling well, please stay home, whether the flu or a cold makes no difference, the only thing we want to share is the joy of the Lord!

Let’s be a loving and caring people walking in humility during this time for the sake of one another.