midweek review 8

Last Sunday’s message did not have an outline, rather just the simple instruction for believing wives and husbands to have and experience a growing marriage relationship in Christ.  There could be different things for different people that God could have spoken to you from the text.  Hopefully you were encouraged as you heard the word and made application to your own situation.

Believing wives were instructed to submit to their own husbands, most notably as they would submit themselves to Jesus Lordship. In the scope of God-centered marriage there is nothing more wonderful than two believers seeking to live out God’s purpose for marriage.  When a marriage is Christ-centered it becomes a joy and blessing to outdo spouses in encouragement and affirmation of who God made them to be, and what God calls them to do in the God defined roles of husband and wife.

However, Peter instructed the believing wives to submit to unbelieving husbands even when a little challenging, for the purpose of being a godly testimony of the relationship she has with Jesus as Lord.  By doing so the Word says a believing wife may be the very instrument God would use to draw her husband to a relationship with Jesus.  This is a powerful challenge to believing wives who do not have a believing husband.  But it can also be a very rewarding testimony of God’s amazing grace.  What is it that draws an unbelieving husband to seek out Christ?  It is the “imperishable quality of a gentle and quiet spirit.”  This not only a testimony of God’s work in the heart and life of the believing wife but it is also of great worth in God’s sight.  It is a settled spirit regardless of circumstances because the spirit completely trusts God’s presence and promises in each day of life.  The true beauty of a believing wife is found in this internal work of God rather than all the outward adornment that could be fixated on to bring beauty that doesn’t come close to the inward beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit.

Believing husbands need to take seriously their responsibility to know and understand God’s Word and His ways so that he can love His wife and encourage her to be everything God desires for her to be.  It is seeing her value as his God-given helpmate that enables them as a couple to fully honor God in their marriage, their family, their service to God and in their worship.  The mindset of the man should be one attentive protector and guardian of the beautiful gift of his wife and of the sacred covenant relationship he has with his wife.  If he neglects this responsibility, then his prayers will not be heard by God and his spiritual growth will be impaired.

Honoring God in marriage is accomplished through intentionally obeying God’s instruction for submission, love, and responsibility in both the husband and wife.

Do you want a blessed marriage? Then do marriage God’s way!